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I am an investor turned artist and this is my personal blog

This isn’t a marketing machine, there is nothing to sell here, and it doesn’t have a singular narrow purpose because not a single interesting human being has ever had a singular narrow purpose. Instead you’ll find extremely detailed blogs about every single piece of real estate I’ve ever purchased, my thoughts about books written by long dead philosophers, epic long photo blogs about conferences, places I’ve traveled, and fascinating people, new investments I’m making, and life lessons that I hope can be useful to you

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Alexander Felice

Maui, Hawaii


This website has changed a lot over the years

In 2017 I started this blog as a place to talk about financial freedom, then it quickly became more about real estate investing, along the way I found a deep love and importance for learning philosophy so I shared those thoughts as well. Then I started to meet people who wanted to invest with me and we made/still make money together. In 2021 when the real estate market got stupid I decided to spend a few years traveling the world as a photographer. Currently I am the creative director for the “BetterLife” podcast with Brandon Turner and I live in Maui full time. 

How is any of this useful to you?

I was a professional fuckup for 30 something years before getting my life together, and now live a ridiculously awesome life and the main factor that contributes to all of it is choice. The biggest ones are the choice to learn, the choice of who we spend time with, and the choice to volunteer for difficult things. 

I am not much of an educator, I don’t have any knowledge to sell you. Instead, I try to help by leaving breadcrumbs of what I learned rather than telling people what to do.



From 2017 to 2023 this site was named “Broke is a Choice” and the following dialogue was at the beginning of the site. Though the name is changed now the spirit of it’s meaning remains as true today as it did then.)

This place is called “Broke is a Choice” because it’s brash and straight to the point, like me. Tough love is the only way I know how to help people and in many ways being tough is the only way anyone can really help themselves: to admit and accept our shortcomings and take massive self responsibility for our burden. I was broke and living paycheck to paycheck for 31 years before I finally admitted that it was my own lousy decisions causing my financial stress. Confessing to the world that the faults in my life were my own making was not easy but it was the only real path towards fixing it, I’ve found a natural talent in helping people with this same challenge so when I needed a name for this site I wanted something that would summarize that lesson and my personality: raw, but real.

“The strength of a person’s spirit would then be measured by how much ‘truth’ he could tolerate, or more precisely, to what extent he needs to have it diluted, disguised, sweetened, muted, falsified.” – Neitzsche

My latest ramblings


Broke is a Choice is DEAD

Brokeisachoice is dead, and I killed it The idea is alive, but the name is dead I started this blog in 2017 from a single idea: that my story could

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Walking is underpriced

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2022 Year in Review

This blog marks 5 years in a row of writing my yearly review Every year I do a recap on this blog. It’s been a good way to remind myself

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How to make friends as an adult

Our lives will largely be the result of who we surround ourselves with and the values the people in that group holds, but for many people doing this strategically and

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Best Ever Conference 2022

Who am I? Why do I make these? What is the Best Ever Conference Welcome to another of my magical adventures.  If you are new here, my name is Alex.

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Real Estate

I joined Climb Capital

Real estate has been an incredible journey When I started this blog I had just bought my third single family rental property. I knew at the time I was going

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