My name is alex

This site is my unfiltered and wildly transparent journey of how I took myself from a poor drunk loser to an ambitious and successful creator and investor

This place documents how I’ve built wealth through real estate and tells the stories about the people and community I meet along the way

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Sunset to Spotlight

How it started This is Clint Harris I caught this particularly epic photo at the Best Ever Conference in 2020 The sun was setting against a giant window panel inside of

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Best Ever Conference 2024

What is the Best Ever Conference BEC is the best conference for commercial real estate operators and investors It’s got a really interesting vibe too, there are a LOT of

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Talking to Strangers

At least 6 years in the making People are my guiding light and I love every single one of you in a way that I can’t seem to explain. When

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2023 Year in review

6 years of writing I can’t believe this blog is now 6 years old. I haven’t written much in the past year, but that’s ok it’s still really fun to

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