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The goal of this blog was to document my journey from being broke to financially free. Not only have I been able to help people, I’ve also made close friends and found partners to invest and build wealth with. 

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Weird backstory:

For 6 years I’ve had a link on this website where anyone can set up a video chat with me. I don’t have anything to sell I just want to be available to people for whatever reason they think I can be valuable.

I would have thought most people want real estate investing or content production help but the reality is most people want friendship, therapy, or some tough love. All of which I’m very good at.

It took me a long time but I realized that this is hundreds of hours of good content so I turned it into a podcast. So if you want to talk about something interesting, don’t be shy.

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I host free workshops for us to interact and grow together. 

I do this based on 3 ideas

  1. People bond over shared difficult experience
  2. Communities are most valuable when the people in them do an activity together
  3.  Writing will challenge you to more deeply understand and express what you think you believe

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Books are Life

I like to read obscure books about philosophy and life wisdom and then write essays about them for absolutely no one except you

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