The goal of this blog was to document my journey from being broke as fuck to financially free

Along the way I’ve made the best friends of my life and made many investor friends

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Reach me at alex@lifeandlens.media or go to www.alexandria.capital

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For 6 years now I have had a link on this website where anyone can reach out and talk to me over video for whatever reason I can be valuable.

I would have thought most people want real estate investing or content production help, but the reality is most people want friendship, therapy, or some tough love. All of which I’m more than happy to provide if that’s the best way I can serve.

So don’t be shy, you can sign up for a video chat with me with no agenda in mind, I genuinely want to meet as many people as I can


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Books are Life

I like to read obscure books about philosophy and life wisdom and then write essays about them for absolutely no one except you

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