Sunset to Spotlight

How it started

This is Clint Harris

I caught this particularly epic photo at the Best Ever Conference in 2020

The sun was setting against a giant window panel inside of the fabulous Gaylord Oprey hotel in Denver. I see the silhouette of my friend Clint against standing against the light while  in a state of deep contemplation. He didn’t know I took this photo and  I didn’t think of it to have any particular significance.

When I got home and showed him the image he was in awe. “Alex, this photo was the exact moment I decided to quit my job and go all-in on real estate investing.”

I printed a copy, sent it to him, and now it hangs on his wall.

How it’s going

2 weeks ago I was at the same event and Clint was there again.

This year he was not contemplating what to do, he was speaking on stage in 2 different sessions about what he had accomplished over the last 4 years.

I captured many images of him but this one is my favorite. Clint looks professional, confident, and powerful – a long way from the nervous and speculative place I found him last time.

Who doesn’t want this confidence?

What will your next 4 years look like?

Clint’s story isn’t an up-market fluke like it might have been if it were 2018 to 2020 – this started in 2022 and him and the team he’s on are only accelerating their growth.

This is the power of going all-in, and how many years do we waste waiting for a perfect moment? Half-assing our focus and not living up to our potential just to play it safe, especially since everyone knows that playing it safe sucks anyway.

Here is my real question:

If I took your picture 2 years in a row, would you be proud of your progress, would it be big enough to be obvious? or would you embarrassed that nothing has changed? 

Alex Felice

Alex Felice

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