Shooting guns and cameras

Despite my affection for pink clothes and fancy blow dryers,  I like to do man stuff sometimes as well. Today we went to shoot guns. 

My buddy Joe took me to the range and I brought my camera because I always bring my camera so I’m sharing some neat shots and a little narrative. 

I like this place already

There are upsides to wearing masks, for instance it allows me to look intimating while still showing off my magnificent hair. Not many fashion accessories allow this kind of flexibility.


I don’t shoot guns very often…and by ‘not often’ I mean I’ve only been to a range once since I got out of the Army 15 years ago, so this was a much needed refresher.

We brought some camera friendly aesthetically pleasing weapons hoping they would pop, I believe the intended effect was achieved. 

I honestly had no idea I was going to look so badass doing this. 

Over the next few months I think you can expect me to lean harder on this look. 

I really gotta thank my friend here for a fantastic day because he set the whole thing up, I didn’t do anything but arrive. 

Hats are a smart idea

but the world will never be so bad that I will do that to my hair. 

in 2003 I was in Kabul, Afghanistan and I took this picture, I felt so badass holding an AK47 standing in the desert. The resolution is low, but I knew I wanted to try and recreate this shot today. 

So here I am standing with an AK, looking scary. 

Good dude, 

I went on my Facebook and said I was bored and multiple people reached out to me and offered their time and friendship, Joe was one of them. 

Despite all the nonsense and bullshit that comes with social media, when used right it can connect you with fantastic human beings and some of them own cool guns. 

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