Random Weekend in Vegas with friends

This post is a personal story that has nothing to do with real estate or self-development. This is just for me to show off my mad photography skillz.

I’m working on a new website to separate my creative hobby from my real estate stuff so in the future I will have a better way to share this personal content, but for now I have nowhere better to tell these stories so, I’m putting it here.

Jay Mirando let me stay at his house

To cope with months of isolation I booked a plane ticket to see some friends at my favorite place on earth, Las Vegas. 

Jay and I met through real estate meetups a few years back and have been close friends since. He’s ambitious, he’s snarky, he’s brash, and he’s charming, so of course we get along. 

He was generous enough to let me crash at his place for 4 days and drive me around a bunch. We did a ton of stuff, drank a LOT of coffee, and saw lots of friends. 

These days everyone is accustomed to getting their picture taken by cell phones which usually produce terrible images. As a photographer it’s my job to make people feel confident on camera because when someone is confident on camera they look good on camera. 

….Except Jay, he’s absolutely hopeless. Despite that, I took some neat shots of him anyway. 

We hosted a Friday night meetup of some local friends for whom I was very grateful made time for me.

It’s interesting that after ~6 years here in Fayetteville I made a few friends, but not many, and VERY few that have stuck. In ~3 years of living in Vegas I made some dear friends for life. I’m not sure moving back to Vegas is the best career move for me but in terms of social life it’s easily the right answer…..very tempting. 

Capturing Spencer making this face is probably my highlight of the weekend and definitely my favorite shot of the trip.

One pic of me looking menacing <3

This nerd just rides around his house on a hover board all the time, usually on the phone doing business. 

I can’t even hate though, I ended up doing it a lot myself, it’s quite cathartic. 

Also, never in my life have I seen anyone so addicted to caffeine. Jay drinks coffee NON-STOP and it’s not adorable, the guy really needs an intervention.

These cups are not ones that I added to, they were already here when I showed up. 

One of my favorite things about Vegas was photographing cars, so when I stumbled across some that I like, I felt compelled to shoot them. 

Then we go to the Suave House….

When I first moved to Las Vegas in 2017 I knew barely anyone except these two hookah smoking party animal twins, Roni and Ramo. 

They took me in like family from the start and I’ll be eternally grateful for that. 

We watched the UFC fight, had some drinks, and hung out for a bit. It was dope. 

The next morning we went to my Sunday morning Real Estate meet. 

When I first moved to Vegas I wanted to find people to network with that could stand my personal polarizing style, well what better way to make sure someone actually likes you than to host a real estate meet at 8am on a Sunday? 

Spencer and Jay run it now and it’s still going on, it was good to see friends and meet some new people too. 


Have you met me? If so, you know that blatant unwarranted hostility is my favorite way to communicate…..

If I like you, I’m probably rude to you. 

If I don’t like you, I probably don’t talk to you at all.



Here is Jeanalin and Dave being nice to me <3 <3 

Bright pink shirt with a desert rat on it, camo joggers, and skull mask. The only consistency in my style is that it's eccentric

I was priviledged to see my co-host on the “From Military to Millionaire” podcast and happy to take this great picture of him. Handsome devil! 

Some random pics from the last day, we ended at the top of the Vdara pondering the universe and I didn’t get ANY pics of the blvd, but that’s ok because I got pics of my friends and that’s all I care about. 

Jeanalin: "I have to write down these magical moments"
Jeanalin: "Nevermind, spending time with Alex is just too overwhelming"


See you again in a few months 😉 

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