What it is:

Podmax is a one day event in New Jersey for Podcasters and podcast guests. I was a guest on 5 high level podcasts in one day, I was able to meet some amazing business connections and most important to me, made some genuine friends.


I met Erik Cabral at BPcon this year and we became quick friends. He invited me to Podmax an event hosted by his company OnAirBrands and of I course I said yes because I always say yes to opportunity! 

Erik saw my BPcon2019 photoblog and he seemed to like it so I had a strong feeling he would ask me to do take some pictures of this event as well, I brought all my equipment and as soon as I entered he asked if I had my camera. I’ve been doing these little massive photo journals (Fincon2019 / Fincon2018) for a while now. I bring my camera to a big event and try to tell stories about the people I meet, sure there are photographers at these things, but they take pictures of people, while I take pictures of persons. It’s quite the challenge to take technically proficient images and lug around my big camera for the day, while explaining to everyone that I’m not a photographer AND still getting valuable networking in. I enjoy putting in the effort to get better and hopefully I can add value through it.


The event:

So I drove 8 hours to New Jersey to The Hive, a great coworking space.

Btw, I really want to invest in a coworking space like this in the near future, anyone who might be interested in putting that together better email me.


Welcome to Podmax!


Across the street is this The oldest church in New Jersey. This isn’t related to the event, but wtf is this camera for if not grabbing gorgeous architecture? Also, it’s my blog so you see what I want you to see.


Hey! that’s me!

Matt Faircloth, I’m thankful to call him a friend now, but it was a long time in the works.

~3 years ago Matt bought a 198 unit apartment building in Fayetteville NC and I found out by seeing him post a video of it on Facebook. I was F**KING FURIOUS. Why? because I buy in Fayetteville and it’s MY turf, and then this stranger comes in to my turf and buys a giant property and I had no idea about any of it. Unacceptable.

So I was then set on a mission to get in this guy’s circle because 1. that’s just smart networking and 2. I wasn’t going to let this happen again. We talked a few times between then and now, and have become closer friends.

I read Matt’s book on raising capital and it was a tremendous help to buying my own 24 unit this year. Then we finally met at BPcon this year, and now this past weekend we spent a bunch of time together working on various projects.

They needed me to help build the set a bit before starting. Glad my photo skills pay off in some ways.
Rooms are filling up!
The food at the event was KILLER. Bacon tray? SOLD!
Our fearless leader!

Lets start recording!

I did 5 shows this day and I can’t include them yet because they haven’t been released but let me tell you. I am nervous for their release. Podcasting is a tricky endeavor for me as I don’t like or care to stay on any message, I just like to talk about what I feel like or what seems interesting. So every time I’m done I worry that it’s too random or not valuable enough, or that I’ll be misunderstood.

That said, it’s me, so I wouldn’t change a thing

No one wanted to knock on the doors while shows were recording, so here is a picture of Liz listening in. It’s not as creepy as it looks.
I love this dude

I met Justin Fraser around the same time as Matt, a fellow multifamily guy who helped me tremendously over the last 2 years. I was thankful to be on his show, and he’s a guy I’m always trying to catch up to (which I like!).

Glad I got this shifty-eyed shot of him!

Matt, Dave, and Andrew

Dave buys large multifamily properties with Pantheon Investments 

I spent a long evening with Andrew Schena after the event getting to know him and his business. I really wish I got more pictures of him because he was a good dude.

Mike and Barbara

Mike Bonadies on the left. If I didn’t know anything about this dude except he has great hair and a great smile, that would be enough. Actually, that is pretty much all I know about the guy. He runs Terravestra property management in South Jersey. Also, I gotta say that the podcast team were just incredible, Barbara here was being mean to me all day and there is nothing I like better.

Liz Faircloth and Lisa Hubert

Liz has left me on Facebook friend request pending for about ~6 months. So I’m not saying a good word about her until that is remedied.

Peter Neill

One of my favorite people from the event, we talked quite a bit. Peter was nice, and helpful, and gave me some great ideas/resources for upping my business.

Matt and Liz
Jason and Pili Yarusi

I only got to meet these two briefly but what an incredible resume. Check them out at Yarusi Holdings.

You know how you have to get in JUST THE RIGHT position for a selfie? Check out Barbara sticking that leg out for stability. Anything for the ‘gram right?
My best shot of the day I think.

Andrew was a fascinating guy and so nice. We had some good conversations and while he was standing under some good light looking all photogenic, I tried my best to capture it. A few days after meeting me Andrew posted a selfie with him and Gary Vee, I’m not sure which was a bigger deal for but he’s having a good week either way.

Lisa has such a great smile, makes life for a photographer easy.
On Air Brands!
Check him checking her out!

Marco and Christina Padilla were great to meet and I had some great conversations with them.

I have this weird thing were I love taking pictures of people taking pictures. I feel bad that I stole Jacks’ shot here, that’s poor manners in photography, but it cracks me up.
Everyone in this photo is showing a great smile except me…and whatever Matt is doing

Where the ‘audio’ magic happens <3
He’s photogenic if nothing else…so I guess just photogenic….


I caught someone slacking off during a presentation. OOPS! #blackmail

Full house!


I’m grateful for this opportunity, and very happy I went. If you’re considering it, it’s a no-brainer.

I hope the pictures conveyed the fun I experienced.

Also, the only podcast I’m aware that has been released at the time of this publishing is here. This is my episode on Real Estate Hackers with Chad Gallagher (whom I got no pictures of and I’m sorry). Great show and he made me sound awesome!


I’m always looking for more opportunities to take pictures and tell stories, if you have something I might be a good fit for. Reach out!

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