Pints and Properties, January 2021

Yesterday I went in public for the first time after my Covid19 quarantine and it was GLORIOUS! 

I went to “Pints and Properties”, a real estate meetup my friend Shelby started and I brought my camera because there’s something about photographing that I’m naturally drawn too.  

Below I am sharing some pictures from the event and a bunch of snarky little comments to go along with it. Enjoy! 

I love this image. The pink light is fantastic, the checkered floor against the round lights, the composition is great. Everything about it just works for me <3 

It was Carmelo’s last day in town.

You probably don’t know Carmelo and frankly you’re not missing anything. Also, this is the most he’s ever smiled in his whole life. 

love this picture of Sara because she really was pretty adamant about her not wanting me to shove my camera in her face and I think she smiled for me just to get me to go away and now I have this undeniably fantastic image of her and it was born out of antagonism.

This is basically a dream scenario for me. 

My friend Patrick Stoy was the guest speaker at the event. Patrick is a mortgage broker in Wilmington NC and he helped me tremendously when I got started in Real Estate. He taught me how to use the delayed finance which I then popularized on BiggerPockets.

If you’re a buy and hold investor in NC and you don’t use Patrick for lending, you’re probably really shitty at this business.

Beau and Michele Webb

I was really digging the pink lights in the meetup area. Not sure if you noticed, but I’m a fan of pink. 


“It’s annoying enough that I had to come to work on a Saturday and now this idiot won’t stop taking pictures of me. I’m smiling, but I sort of want to choke him”

While everyone else was screwing around trying to learn tricky real estate finance strategies like a bunch of NERDS, I was hanging out around this fantastic sunset light and trying to make my friends look good. I believe I succeeded. 

Lovebirds <3 

There is no reason to drag my big camera around to take pictures when a cell phone would be just fine UNTIL a lighting situation like this one appears and a cell phone just couldn’t handle it so then I’m glad I have my equipment. 

It helps that that subject in this picture is my always lovely to look at friend, Cecy

Here is another one, to feed her narcissism. 

Bob Sleeves

A great wholesaler 

and a slightly above average human being

Daniel Doty was there! At 25 and riddled with potential I look forward to watching this dude grow.

Kyle works with Patrick at MC Mortgage in Wilmington. He’s obviously someone who takes things very seriously.

I love when people pose for the camera…

Event is over, Lydia is rounding everyone up and kicking us all out. Which is hilarious because she’s barely over 4ft tall, but we play along to make her feel good. 

Thank you Patrick <3 

If you’re in Fayetteville or Charlotte NC, you can attend a Pints and Properties meetup. Check their FB group here.

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