Happy to report nothing too exciting!

My whole portfolio is going well right now.  I’m getting my cash flow, and I’m getting better at managing it every month. While everyone is rushing out to accumulate as many units as they possibly can, I’ve realized that much of that is driven by ego. I don’t want to go fast for the sake of it, I want to be strategic.

I’ve been focused on stabilizing operations lately and that gives me a lot more confidence to buy the next big deal. 

In the mean time I have been helping some friends buy houses and that keeps my skills sharp, it keeps me up-to-date on market changes, and it allows me a small income as well. Gotta keep my game tight yo!

I’ve also been thinking about flipping a house in Fayetteville next, so stay tuned for that. I have an idea to go there and record the whole thing step by step and make a big YouTube production out of it. 

Once things settle for the year I’m going to direct all my efforts to buying a multifamily in NC. That’s the next big project. 

I’ve been blogging, podcasting, and trying my hand at YouTube! So busy! Maybe if I worked hard at one of them I would be great at it, instead I dabble in all of them and get great at none! 

It’s more fun for me this way though.


I wrote this article for BP about getting renters for out of state properties. 



Podcast season 2 is about half recorded and I’ll start releasing those episodes very shortly! Thanks to all who have been following the progress. 


Youtube is coming along slowly. Video is so hard for me but I’ve been submitting mostly for BiggerPockets but they should get released soon and I’ll make sure to share them. 


I did make a photoblog for my Fincon experience and Biggerpockets conference is THIS WEEK which I will do a similar blog for. Very exciting. 


I’m also looking to do some brand changing. This website is great but it’s hard to ask investors for big capital and send them this URL. Not sure how to fix, currently thinking of ideas and trying to decide. Any help is welcome. 

The Biggerpockets conference is this upcoming week and I am EXCITED! 

I have the normal dark grey BP shirt but I wanted something that would be unique at the event. So I used my master networking skills to get the only PINK BP LOGO shirt in existence.


I don’t really share my photography online and I need to start fixing that. This probably isn’t the right place, but I’m going to do it anyway. Went to Spring Mountain racetrack with new friends a few weeks back AND went to an unbelievable car show at Red Rock County Club.

Here are just a few decent shots I got:

Mclaren on the track
I don't often get to stand next to a 3 million dollar car, but when I do. I stand next to two of them at the same time.

Did you know I host a real estate meetup in Las Vegas?

It’s called Desert Rat Real Estate

I’ve been doing this about ~2 years for no reason other than to meet like minded people. I LOVE this community. We meet at 8am on Sunday and it’s grown to include some really smart and committed investors, and great friends. 

If you’re in Vegas look us up. 

Someone in the group has a 3d printer!

The multifamily is going well and I’m looking to start prepping for the next. 

I’m getting a good grip on managing this asset, communicating the details of operations, and paying out profits to investors. 

I wanted to go a little slow after the acquisition of this asset on purpose. I don’t want to be rushed by my ego, I wanted to feel very confident in my ability to produce profit before starting to search for the next one. I’s been ~3 months that we have been stabilizing the property and it has me feeling quite confident. I’ve also spent the last few months talking to people about buying into the next one with me and I continue to make this my focus. 

We will be looking for deals in North Carolina over the next few months. If you’re interested in participating reach out and let me know. 

Alex Felice

Alex Felice

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