November 2018

Personal Purchase Update

I closed my last refi if very early October from the previous BRRRR deal I did. I started looking for a new deal immediately and I found one quick! Probably won’t be as good as the last deal but it’ll still be a good one! I closed on that house in mid october so 20 days between getting my money wired to me and closing on the next house. Not bad at all!I’ll make a full post for this one like I usually do once it’s complete. Currently it’s in rehab mode and not that much to talk about, in the meantime you can at least see the deed since the house is paid off. I get these all the time, and I put loans on them so it’s not really a big deal….but still kinda cool!

I was on the biggerpockets podcast!


This was a big deal for me because I’ve wanted to be on this thing for about 5 years now! Very exciting stuff. I talk about my real estate journey and some of my approaches to buying real estate. I’m a rookie podcast guest, so I was definitely nervous but tons of people have enjoyed it and I hope you do to. 

My phone has been BLOWING up since it went live and I’m trying to make time to answer everyone, I’ve also finally been convinced to start collecting emails so people can more closely follow what I’m doing. 

In the mean time, watch the interview and HYPE OUT! 

Click here to listen to it

I did a video interview with my friend David at his site From military to Millionaire

Spending my time meeting people on Skype


I’ve been doing video chat with people to provide information, build relationships,  and do coaching for free. 

I love meeting people and talking about real estate. If you want to do a free Skype/Google hangout conference with me please reach out! Some people have urged me to charge for my time and create a real ‘coaching’ business out of this, but for now I have refrained. For similar reasons as my above opportunity I think there is far more value in finding great people to invest in rather than simply making money off of a transaction.

So for the time being this opportunity will continue to be free. If you want to talk real estate in any capacity, even if it’s casual, please use link at the bottom of my home page (it says “Let’s meet“) to schedule a time to chat. I’m happy to help if I can and I love to meet people. 

Reading list

This was a bit of a short month for me in terms of books completed. I usually shoot for 4 per month, but the Gulag Archipelago is extremely long and dense. I think I’ll be stuck on this one for a bit longer than usual, but that’s ok because it’s epic and amazing.

Outliers – Malcom Gladwell

The Gulag Archipelago – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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Alex Felice

I am an investor and camera creator I share my story to make yours easier. I created financial freedom through real estate, then found my love of art through cameras, and I have an ongoing love of reading and philosophy. I am hyper-extrovert so there are lots of ways on this site for us to interact. I have workshops you can participate in, I have a podcast that I invite strangers on, and I have a private community you can be part of. Everything I learn about life goes here so I can hopefully make yours easier