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My first website wasn’t finance or real estate related, it was a photography website where I could share stories about people I know. That’s what prompted me to start this website, where I still tell stories but mostly about real estate. This post is a photo shoot I recently did with a friend of mine and I wanted to get back to storytelling a bit. 

When I moved to Las Vegas I didn’t really know anyone here and definitely not any realtors but we called some friends and I got this new-ish realtor named Sam. 

I bought the house from North Carolina so he handled the whole transaction from across the country for a guy he hadn’t met. When we finally did move here, him and I stayed pretty good friends ever since which is a testament to how nice he is. How many people stay friends with their realtor? I buy a lot of houses and only still talk to 2 realtors! Sam made us feel very welcome in Vegas, he’s been a good and FUN friend, the guy is WAY too nice for his own good, and that says a lot because most people aren’t that nice to me (nor do I expect them to be, I’m difficult to deal with on purpose).

He asked me for some new head shots since he’s doing more social media and ramping up his realtor business. I was happy to help the guy out for all the hard work he put in for me. 

Sam Cohen, Las Vegas Realtor

It was a struggle to get this starbucks cup out of his hands for the shoot. Between that and his cell phone I don’t know how I got anything productive done with him. 


Also, I love this picture becuase it reminds me of Steve Carrell from the 40 year old virgin box cover art. Bwahaha

We did this shoot right in his house because…..his house is awesome. 


The day before this shoot, he sold the house in the background of this shot, which happens to be in his backyard. #Killer

No cell phone in the world can reproduce this shot baby! This is why Sam needed my extraordinary talent and equipment. 

He looks good right?!?!?!

Can’t say he doesn’t work hard. In between this whole thing he was answering emails and taking client calls. Most realtors I know avoid work like the plague, this guy runs towards it. 

You know what makes for a great shoot? A model who is enthusiastic and positive about what we can make together, Sam has no shortage of enthusiasm or positivity  so we were able to capture so many great shots. 

This guy looks dapper 24/7 too. Meanwhile, I was sitting there with flip flops and a cheap t-shirt, how embarrassing.

Handsome fella! 

We were headed to lunch after the shoot and again with the starbucks and the phone, he never stops! 

Obviously had to include one picture of myself, my ego just wouldn’t let the opportunity pass me by. 

Thank you Sam Cohen!

This was a fun shoot and I was happy to provide a good friend some high quality photos. This is prime networking insight as well, I was able to leverage my network and my hobbies to help a friend, this is what people should be doing all the time and every day. 

If you want to buy or sell a home in Las Vegas give Sam a call:

Sam’s main website




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