January 2019

Real Estate Update

FINALLY I have progress to share!

I’ve been tied up on my last property for longer than usual, it’s finally rented and I’ve started doing the refi on it as well and I have another purchase lined up right afterwards. Stay tuned as February is going to be big! 

I have been helping a few fellow investors buy, rehab, rent, and refinance properties in my market. So we’ve made a lot of progress there and I’m grateful for the ability to help other people make money (and make a little for myself). That said, the market I invest in has been SATURATED with new investors and the foreclosure market has been barren. 

I had one of my rentals flood from the upstairs neighbor late in November and it’s still not fixed (using the upstairs owner insurance). This is hwy I hate contractors, they are TERRIBLE. When you find the rare one that is amazing, you marry them. I love my usual contractor but this one sucks. Oh well, it’s about to wrap and get back to producing income.

These problems are pretty small overall. It’s IMPORTANT to remember that real estate doesn’t always go smoothly! You gotta have cash aside to deal with times of hassle, and you should never get a false sense of confidence to think things will always go well.

Other than that there isn’t much to update. Once my personal purchase property is complete and refinanced I’ll make a detailed post about it. 

What happened in January

I recorded some podcast guest appearances

I was on the Doyouevenblog.com podcast to talk about my first year of blogging in a review. Pete has become a good friend of mine and I’m grateful for the opportunity he’s provided. I told Pete on his show that EVERYONE NEEDS TO START THEIR OWN BLOG. So if you want to take this advice, and you should, go to his site to get started


I was fortunate enough to get an appearance on the “Ready Investor One” podcast hosted by a successful real estate investor I met at Fincon named Paul David Thompson. How did I get on, I ASKED! Also, I’m mad charming yo!

I’m very excited for this one and I’m hoping it comes out good. Paul is a SMART guy and very even keeled, I have no idea how he puts up with me. I’m thankful for this opportunity and I hope he get’s some usefulness out of it!


CLICK HERE TO LISTEN (I wish paul had an embedded link to share)

Now let me share some arrogant introspection with you my friend.

In late 2018, I was invited to 2 of the top 10 investing podcasts on all of itunes. “The Biggerpockets podcast”, and The Best Ever Real Estate Investing Podcast”, with Joe Fairless (Not released yet). I probably didn’t deserve to be on either one to be completely honest as there are far smarter people in the world about real estate than me, but they reached out to me, so who would say no? It certainly makes me wonder what my value is.

If I can so easily get on both of these big shows I have to believe some people in this space find me useful. Why else would they want me in their content? Maybe I should start producing a podcast of my own…..

My Las Vegas monthly meetup is growing

When I lived in North Carolina I would meet with some fellow investors for a casual weekly lunch. It grew pretty quickly and we had a good team of friends getting together regularly. When I moved to Las Vegas I wanted to do the same thing, just create a place where friends and new investors can meet like minded people in a low pressure situation.

Since my BP podcast appearance, it’s grown quite a bit, and this month was the biggest yet! I’m going to need to find a bigger venue soon! Fantastic way to make friends and build relationships. If you live in Las Vegas, come hang out!  

I posted my first youtube video

This in itself is not exciting, but it was a big step forward for me. I’ve known for a long time I would be entertaining on video but I’ve been insecure to take the leap. So I put this out there in its very imperfect form and I’m going to try to continue to improve. When I started this blog I had a similar apprehension for writing, now I’m so glad I started it. Videos are a bit harder to produce, and I’m still neurotic about it but I’m hoping to provide more good content as we move forward.

What’s going to happen in February

Trying to launch a youtube channel with my brother

We have already started this and the youtube channel is being loaded now. It’s basically just him and I casually talking over zoom for 30-minute segments about economics, history, current events, and why most people are just so damn dumb. It’s rough and not going to make either of us famous, but it’s a START and so far that seems to be the hardest part.

There are some videos uploaded but all set to private still. Maybe we will release next month.

The channel is called:


I’m attending “The Best Ever” conference

This is a real estate investing conference in Denver. I’ve never been to Denver and I really need to network with more multifamily people. I already have my tickets and I intend to do a photo story once I return! Should be a great story to tell. 

I’ll also be attending the 3rd annual Biggerpockets/Millenial Real Estate Investor meetup while I’m there!

Another neat thing happened while scheduling this. I was initially supposed to go with a close Vegas RE friend, but he ended up going with his wife and they want to stay at a hotel alone (I can’t blame them for that!). That means though that I have nowhere to stay and have to roll alone. I’m not about going solo, so I had just happened to make a friend over video chat the week before 

If you want to schedule video chats with me for free you can find the link at the front page of my website. 

So I called my new friend and told him to come to this conference with me. He agreed! So unless he secretly hopes we are on a man-date I think it’ll be a good networking opportunity for both us. Real estate is about building relationships, and I’m always forming new ones. Should be interesting. 

More podcasts! 

I already recorded the very famous Joe Fairless podcast and it should air in February. Let me tell you, I BOMBED this episode so bad! So embarrassing! 

Let me know if you hear it, I will not be listening to it. Too much cringe for me

I also recorded another episode with David Pere from Military to Millionaire and that should be a fun podcast/videocast. I’ll post it when complete for sure. 

Books I read this month

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

(This one was a big deal, it’s long, it’s jam-packed full of historical context, and I wrote a decent post about my thoughts about it HERE)

Keeping at it – Paul Volcker

The Prince – Niccolo Machiavelli

If you want to join my Facebook book club which you should do if you’re smart, you can do so HERE

Want to get involved?

Real Estate

I’m trying to buy a ~large multifamily property in 2019. I have some funding lined up, lending lined up, property management, and a group of motivated individuals looking towards the same goal. If you think you can help us find or take down deals, reach out. If you want to be an investor when we find something, reach out.

If you can find some SFR in the Fayetteville NC area, I’m also looking to purchase a few more of those. Would love to talk to some good wholesalers.

Content production


Help starting a Youtube channel

As I mentioned my brother and I want to turn our thoughts into content. We are going to put the raw clips on Youtube (and the audio into podcast format) but we welcome all the help we can get. Graphics made, music, animated intros, etc. We intend to hire out these services quite soon as things grow, this is simply an open invite to those who have talent and want to share. Maybe you want to share with us 😉

Turn the audio into a podcast

I have some ideas for this already, and I don’t think this will be too hard. The main goal is to take the audio channels from our zoom conversations and upload them as a podcast. Just to cast a wide net of exposure. I’m pretty sure I can do this, but we are always looking to include people who want to help.

Does anyone code in programming language R

I don’t know anything about programming. My brother is trying to put together some apps for a website and is trying to find some help, specifically in this coding language. Reach out if you think you can help.


Jeez, could I be worse at anything more than this? We live in a world where my lots of my peers are making money PURELY on marketing with less experience, less talent, and not as entertaining as me (also, not as humble). If I could find someone who could help me disseminate my message and crank up my marketing (even though I sell nothing). I would be grateful. 


While I always put these needs lists out I never want people to think I’m cheap. If you can help solve my problems, pitch me and tell me your price. I’m not asking for handouts, I need partners! 

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