I went to Texas to make real estate friends

Ok a few months back I was introduced to a fellow real estate investor Casey Gregersen through email by our mutual friend Mindy Jensen. You may remember Mindy from Fincon 2018!   She is the absolute best!


So Casey and I chatted a bit and got to know each other. Super cool guy, he wanted to do some video production that he thought I could help with, we had some mutual value to provide, so I flew out to spend a weekend with him and his incredible family.

Check out his company Facebook page here!

This guy has swag!

Ok real talk, my first thought was that he was scamming me in some way. Though I pretty much assume of this everyone. Not really as a defense mechanism, more like that I constantly long for the opportunity to be rude to people with social impunity.  

Casey though, he’s no scammer. He’s honest, generous, and genuine. 

…I did tell Nichole he resembles a certain perfect looking, clean cut, axe murder and there is a 20% chance I’m not coming home… I mean these people are suspiciously perfect

Hey Alex, do you like Huey Lewis?

It actually turned out to be fun, productive, and inspiring. Really gave me a great impression of Dallas! We had Chik-fil-a twice in ONE day and we had booze, how could it be possibly have been better?

As usual I brought my camera to tell some stories and create some content. 

This is one of my 3 hobbies in life to keep me happy:
1 for money
1 for fitness
1 for creativity

Is this a place part time Airbnb?!

This is what I arrived to, who does this?! it was amazing! They were such generous hosts, they really have no idea how much of a heathen I am.

For reference when you come to my house, you get nothin’, and my dogs bulldoze you with their affection until you cry for mercy and we don’t restrain them.

Annie Gregersen!

Ladies you know this face right? I believe it ‘s called: “pretending to be shy”

Whattup Dallas??!

I’ve never been to Texas before. I’m from the northeast and I kind of have this deep rooted grudge match thing against the south. That’s nothing special really, I have a grudge match against lots of things! Dallas was gorgeous though and I’m really glad I came.

Cars is what I primarily shoot, can't pass up such a good opportunity!
Is there any reason for this selfie to be in here? No, but the lighting is perfect and it's my website.
Setting up for video production
Casey and Annie  have really put an effort into their ramping up their video content. This is why I was so excited to be part of it. I saw them investing in themselves heavily and I know how rare that, I also know it’ll have huge long term results. Of course I wanted in!
These cookies were no joke.
Video from multiple angles
Little shoutout to my Biggerpockets, Fincon, and BANKER people! #debtlife
Is it obvious the Gregersen's are killing it? #shamelessplug
Did I mention I love Chik-fil-?

This is the Facebook live event link

This was the big project of the weekend and it turned out great! I hate this thumbnail though!

We did work our tails off, but in between they took me to see some parts of Dallas and get our Christmas on a little bit as well.

Perfect family!

Excuse me but do you see how perfect this is!?? 


….of course I thought they were going to murder me

Shot with a Canon 5d and Sigma 24mm. Little grainy at 1600 ISO

On the last day we spent some time at coffee shops networking. This is how I’ve made some of my best connections. Just spending time with people and casually getting to know them.  

PT Money showed up!

I met PT last year while we was stirring up interest in the very famous FINCON, a conference for financial media creators. This year was my first year going and it was an incredible experience. We hung out a bit there and then we linked up again in Las Vegas a few months back.

Incredible guy, he really deserves a better picture than this awful one I took with my cell phone. 


I was only here for a day and a half but what an incredible experience!

Heading back home now.....

Flying into Las Vegas at night it was pitch, pure black for MILES....then my city! It was a neat shot that I just had to share
Who are these people??!

This is my favorite part of Las Vegas. Are these people just landing and need to get some gambling in before going to their hotel? Or are they leaving and need to get one last  fix in before takeoff?

To wrap:

I hope this story was entertaining and shows the value of not just networking, but really making an effort to get to know people. Build friendship not transactions! 

Thanks so much for reading all this.

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