Fincon 2018

This is a photo story about my trip to Fincon 2018 in Orlando.  This is not a real estate or finance post, just want to share my experience. I bring my good camera everywhere because I love using it to tell stories! I’m making a separate post for what I learned and how to best prepare for Fincon, but this is just for funsies. 

Fincon is a pitched as a conference for financial bloggers. To add some detail I think it’s better described as a bunch of talented money nerds at a destination high school with tons of booze and way better networking. There is serious talent at Fincon and actual money-making opportunities can be had if you simply reach out and take them, I certainly took a bunch for myself.  This is a people event and for that, I’m thankful because sometimes, some people do like me.

I flew into Orlando and stayed off-site with my friend Lee Huffman, I had met this guy on years ago and we’ve gone on a bunch of trips together. He drove down with his awesome family for Fincon and Cardcon and we hung out all weekend. Lee runs a travel hacking site called to teach people how to use points and miles and travel for free (#shameless). 

4 days in Orlando was a message from the universe directly to me that said:

“Your hair does not belong near humidity, go west…and don’t make that duckface, idiot”

At the hotel on Tuesday night, last minute I find out we had an extra friend stay with us: Pete McPherson from Pete had me on his podcast months ago and really helped get my website gain some momentum. I was super glad we got to spend some time together and I could say thanks in person

He came in and gave me that dope “Do the work” t-shirt, then he just stood around rubbing his back against the walls like a giant grizzly bear wearing thick black frames.

He brought beer though!

and we drank beer! You should expect this trend to continue throughout the weekend…

Day 1 of Fincon:

On second thought, let’s not go to Fincon. ‘Tis a silly place


Live podcasts at Fincon? Tight!

Nick True at the intro to Fincon workshop! Nick is a fantastic resource for Fincon and he helped make the experience fantastic all weekend. 

Yo this chick in the middle runs a site called and she swears a LOT.

Mindy from Biggerpockets! Fantastic friend, and a dangerous secret tyrant. Stay on her good side and the universe will reward you!

I didn’t take many pics day 1 so here we are drinking already! 

Fincon day 2:

I started the day by going to a workshop about how to start a podcast. It was useful, entertaining, and inspiring. It was also hosted by our friend Pete, here is a shot I LOVE of him posing like an evil dictator.

I intended to have fun with this:

Here is that fouled mouthed chick again!  Also, this other friend I made who swore me to keep her anonymous or else the inevitable fame will tear her life apart. Gotchu Fam!

Yo what is that face??

You guessed right. They made my face and my hair into a pancake. You shouldn’t need any more reason than this to come to Fincon! I ended up walking around with this thing just to show everyone because I was so excited. Then I had to toss the poor fella in the trash, mercy kill. 

Liz Eischen is the real deal! First, she got this killer pancake face made, then we spent a bunch of time together this weekend and told about her incredible story. She travels the world and teaches people personal finance. Look her up on kitchentablefinance. She’s also one of those Portland weirdos which were in abundance at Fincon.  

Ok back to drinking…we added children but they couldn’t hang at all. Sissies! 

Romance incoming!

The days started to blend together around now, so I’m not sure what morning this was but it was amazing. We had no idea this was going to happen, but Shannyn and Zina got engaged!!! It was magical and spontaneous and what better way to share your perfect moment than in a Plutus award tshirt at Fincon??!!

and right after that, Shannyn proposed to Zina!! They both said yes! Congrats! 

More drinks!  

It took about halfway through Fincon for me to find my real estate crowd but I’m glad I did. Great group of people, we went to the Plutus awards together and we snuck in some beer. Plutus awards are community driven achievements based on various content categories. It was actually really well produced and fun!

This is:

Dustin from Masterpassiveincome

Max and Lucas Hall from Cozy and Landlordolgy

Scott Trench from Biggerpockets

David from MilitarytoMillionaire

Saturday morning I had finally been beaten down by the humidity and I gave up on my hair and my self-esteem. Next time I’m coming to Fincon with my good blow dryer and I’m staying at the hotel where the event is so I never have to leave the building. #primadona

Terrible, but at least I have a Zelda shirt.

Had a nice lunch with friends at the steakhouse on the back of the hotel. Nice view outside. 

Ladies, did you catch this single, handsome rascal?!?!! If not, get on it! you know guys that don’t realize how charming they are? This is him! His name is Chris something-or-other. Super nice dude, I spent a ton of time with him.

Did you see the size of that margarita she was drinking?

Maybe I shouldn’t talk…

Too many drinks maybe

Look, little friend, lots of people want to be me, it’s not gonna happen. Can’t nobody be me but me. 

Dr. Jason Cabler from Celebrating Financial Freedom

These two were a blast! 

The room was definitely spinning by the end of night. Here we were getting ready to wrap the final meetup.

If you didn’t get to meet Lillian from you really missed out. Another Portland weirdo who dresses up as David Bowie to teach finance….and it’s incredible. Check her out! She was not excited to take this pic I don’ think 🙁

After David Bowie and the spinning, my camera fell to the wayside. About 6 hours later I was on a plane back home! Time to get back and grind! 

I got to the house and immediately got to work! Setting up lists of people to follow up with and working to maximize my time before Fincon19! 

Overall I had a blast! Better than I even had expected. Next year I’m intending to bring a much better package to the community. I want to improve my branding, my elevator pitches and be a lot more diligent about my time.

I made a mistake at Fincon that I’ve noticed I make a lot lately: I overestimated the challenge. I went with this half-assed attitude of “I’m really just a hobbyist blogger, so I’m just gonna go have fun and see what’s what”. Certainly I still got a ton out of this opportunity, but I should have gone 10x harder in preparation.

In response to these thoughts I have littered my to-do lists with articles to write, tasks to do, and projects to work on. I’m filling schedule up and planning my entire next year around seminars, projects, and how to hold myself accountable. 

Next year Fincon I’m bringing the heat, I look forward to seeing you there! 

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