February 2019

Real Estate Update

I finally finished my 7th property!!! 

It took longer than I wanted, it was a bit more of a hassle than usual but it’s DONE! I wrote out the deal as nicely as I can (like usual) and it’s up so it can hopefully help the next investor! 

Even better news is that I have my 8th property lined up to purchase already. I should be closing on that early next week. Booya! 

What happened this month

I missed the BEST EVER conference

I’m was hoping to have a huge story and corresponding post to go with this, but I was unable to and I’m still saltyAF about it. The ONE time it snowed in Las Vegas in the last ~11 years was the Thursday morning I was supposed to fly out. Flights were so backed up so I couldn’t’ get there till late Friday and the event ended Saturday afternoon. I cancelled and worked on content production instead. 

I haven’t heard back about a refund yet, I don’t really deserve one but I’m hoping they will give me a discount on the next event. In the meantime I already purchased my 2020 event tickets anyway, so I’m hoping for some charity but not relying on it. 

I’m going to this thing no matter what! 

My video chat coaching has been rewarding

I’ve been meeting tons of new friends thanks to my link to video chat with people. If you’re on the fence, reach out! I’ve been able to help some people, motivate some people, and learn a ton as well. Very useful and fun. Happy to have this option.

I’m including the link again here. Don’t be shy!

Photography update

I know you don’t care about my photography, but it’s my damn blog so you’re going to have to put up with a little of it. Photography has been a very healthy outlet for me over the last few years, and while I’m not great I’m always improving! I mostly shoot cars, but lately I’ve been bringing it to the gym and man that has been FUN! Here are some of my favs from February. 

The desert rat real estate monthly meetup 

My local meetup group is growing! If you’re in Las Vegas come out and see us. So much fun, casual, and a great place to meet like minded people. 

Desert Rat Real Estate
Public group · 40 members


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A casual Las Vegas Real Estate Investor group. Our events are usually the first Sunday morning of the month, and the occasional Friday evening.
This is so cool. After I was on the BP podcast this amazing couple reached out to me and asked to join our meet. They have 2 young sons, and they started a 3D printing business and I was HAPPY to be their first customer. They printed me this little version of my brand logo. #networking

New media

I have officially started recording a podcast. I’ve wanted to for a while and I’ve TRIED a few times but failed. I’ll probably explain this story again in the future but I’ll write out here in case it relates to someone who is also thinking about it. 

I tried to do one with a guy I didn’t really know and we didn’t click that much. Logistics became difficult, he only wanted to record on Saturday afternoons, and he wanted me to do all the production. Not sustainable, had to bail.

Next try was with my brother, and I really enjoyed doing it with him to be honest. Unfortunately he works for the government and he really only had an interest to produce it when the government was shut down. We did like ~6 episodes and once things went back to normal I haven’t been able to get him to do it with me again, frustrating! Though I’m sure we will find a way to do some content in the future. 

Ultimately I realized I have to find a way to do this SOLO and bring guests in on occasion. I’m curious to know how many people will want to hear just me talking about whatever I feel like, but for me it’s easy practice. I’ve recorded about 5 episodes so far and already noticing improvement. I’ll release it once I have a bunch of them lined up. 

The format is going to be 15 minutes, just me for most, and I’ll include longer episodes where I talk with other people as well. I will also record posts to go along with blog posts I write. 

If you have any suggestions, please tell me! I need all the help I can get.

What’s going to happen in the upcoming month

Buying another house 

I already have another house lined up in fact, and if you thought I was just talking smack about how great my property manager is, how about this:

The house I’m about to buy, that still needs extensive rehab he’s already gotten an application and deposit for. That’s right, I have negative vacancy baby! Be jealous! 

Launch my podcast 

I’ve been recording this podcast for a bit now. It’s crude, cringy, and probably embarassing but IDGAF I’ve learned a few things this year that really hit me hard.

  1. Your early content always sucks, just put it out there.
  2. You don’t get GREAT by practicing with no audience, you get great by putting your chest forward to the world, even when flawed, and taking incoming fire. More accurately you get great by putting flawed content to the world and have to deal with your bruised ego when you realize no one gives a shit about what you have to say. 
  3. It’s about the LONG game. If I put out a podcast every day for 30 weeks it’s irrelevant, I’m playing the 5+ year game. I’m playing the “do this indefinitely game

File my taxes and post some analysis

I’ve been talking about this for a while but I’m gearing up to finalize it. For many reasons, I’M CONSIDERING posting my actual rental schedule E’s for 2018 tax returns online. Why? 


I also think it’ll help a lot of people. Have you seen a real rental tax schedule E before? Have you had the chance to analyze one ? Do you know what a ~5 rental portfolio REALLY makes per year rather than what the owner will tell you? 

I’m not selling anything, and I can post this report openly for reader benefit only. It’s a little nerve racking to be honest, to show people what rentals really make, because it is NOT extravagant. So do I want to really brag about making pennies? I’m not sure yet, but it sounds appealing. 

Books I read this month

I didn’t have a great month on books to be honest. Rights of Man by Thomas Paine was fantastic, and Meditations was great, but neither were profound for me. I’ve been on a kick to read old books since Nassim Taleb recommends this approach constantly, unfortunately it has not created motivation to me as much as I had hoped.

The Odyssey – Homer

The Tipping Point – Malcom Gladwell

Rights of Man – Thomas Paine

Common Sense – Thomas Paine

Meditations – Marcus Aurelius

Want to get involved?

Real Estate

I have 2 more houses to buy for the year and then I’ll be ramping up my efforts to buy an apartment building. 

30-40 units on the east coast and looking to spend ~1.5 Million. I have a bunch of investors lined up but I know other people are really excited to participate as well. Reach out if you’re interested. 

Content production

Trying to launch this podcast, need to do more deliberate actions on social media, I always need help with graphics, and MORE.

If you think you can, or want to help, or have some suggestions please reach out! 

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