Create your own principles

This is a group workshop

WHAT: Our goal is to complete Ray Dalio’s “Your Guided Journal” as a group

WHO: Everyone who finds thinking about and writing out your personal and business principles to be an interesting challenge

WHEN: June 15 through August 15

WHERE: We we will meet on video chat on each 1st and 15th from the start date until the end date (5 meetings total). You will receive the video link when you RSVP

I’ve had this book a few years and I’ve been trying to articulate and write my personal values for a few years now. It’s not been easy, but I need to finally get something on paper and I love doing projects like this in a group. So I’m inviting you 

Everyone is welcome to join! We will meet virtually every 2 weeks to discuss and keep everyone on track but attendance is 100% voluntary. 

How to join?

I’ve made this as easy as I possibly can

  1. Buy the book
  2. RSVP (link below)
  3. Join the WhatsApp group (in your RSVP confirmation)
  4. Add the events to your calendar (in your RSVP confirmation)
  5. Show up on June 15th for the prep meeting 

What do you get from this?

I’ve actually been working on this for a few years with little success.

Writing out my personal values has proven to be very difficult and even though I haven’t completed this I’ve fond the process to be immensely rewarding anyway. I expect you’ll find the same

Also you’ll find a group of friends that share this same interest and want to go through this difficult and somewhat vulnerable process together

and you’ll get invited to do the next workshop with us 


Do I have the right copy of this book?

Ray has written 4 different books all of which have “Principles” in the name. The correct version for this workshop is “Principles: Your Guided Journey”. It’s linked here, and above. 

It does not come in audiobook or kindle, so if you have an audiobook version it is the wrong thing.

To make it more confusing all of them use the same red, white, and black color scheme. His famous book, “Principles: Life and Work” is a great book and I highly recommend it, but it’s also not the right book for this workshop. Sorry! 

Where can I find the calendar invite

WhatsApp link and the calendar invite links are in the RSVP confirmation emails. Make sure to check your spam folder



If you have any additional questions, comments, concerns, or requests please send them to 


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