Broke is a Choice is DEAD

Brokeisachoice is dead, and I killed it

The idea is alive, but the name is dead 


I started this blog in 2017 from a single idea: that my story could help people

I had been broke for 30+ years of my life and in a few short years I learned financial responsibility, got myself out of crippling debt, and started buying rental properties and I KNEW that I had a responsibility to share the valuable parts with other people. So I spent hundreds of hours of my time writing my entire journey

but over the last few years though I fell out of love with the name Broke is a Choice

I still believe in the idea behind the phrase 100%, but what I wanted to talk about has changed, and since this has never been a blog designed to make money I needed to be hyper enthusiastic about the name. 

Will I still talk about money here? OF COURSE

But over the last 7 years I’ve been spending a LOT of time creating art with my camera, reading philosophy, traveling the world, and blending entrepreneurship with my visual storytelling. It’s not really just about making money

The big problem I started having was that this blog attracted other real estate with investors who are not broke and the conversations became awkward when I would tell them the site name. The more sophisticated the demographic of people I was talking to the less it started to seem like this content was meant for them, and since I wasn’t really talking to newbies either, it created a bit of friction. That friction caused me to retract from putting resources into this site which became my own detriment, because I find value in writing.

I went through like 5 different variations of potential names but one kept coming back: Lifeandlens started in 2020 with my old friend Shelby because I was starting to make money with my camera and I needed and LLC. I don’t know if this is the best name for the site either BUT I really want to get back to writing, sharing, and connecting with people on a similar life path as me. I want to be able to share new deals that I’m buying, I want to continue to make money with people I meet through this site, I also want to be able to share my pictures and stories about people, and all those thing rely on my ability to create content with ENTHUSIASM.

So for the indefinite future this site will be called and I’m going to continue to share how I’m tackling new opportunity and how we can do it together 

What’s next:

I started a website called to help people create visually stunning YouTube sets and help them learn cameras

Thanks for sticking around 😉 

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Alex Felice

I am an investor and camera creator I share my story to make yours easier. I created financial freedom through real estate, then found my love of art through cameras, and I have an ongoing love of reading and philosophy. I am hyper-extrovert so there are lots of ways on this site for us to interact. I have workshops you can participate in, I have a podcast that I invite strangers on, and I have a private community you can be part of. Everything I learn about life goes here so I can hopefully make yours easier