Books are the highest return on investment

Books are pretty much FREE, the investment into learning compounds better than anything else, they make you wildly interesting, and they keep you out of trouble. What could be better?

I read for the same reason I do deadlifts, to do the difficult thing that has the unsexy but absurdly high return on investment. Most of the books I like are dense, written by long dead philosophers, and not things you’ve heard of. I also think this is where all the big value is because popular new books are usually just good marketing

I use this place to write my thoughts about books for a few reasons:

  1. Writing helps me mentally process books better. I don’t want to just say I read a book, that’s useless, I want to learnĀ and I believe that requires an active component
  2. It provides my readers valuable content and insight into books they may want to read or avoid
  3. It helps funnel like-minded people to my social group. People who get excited about the same books and ideas as me are probably people I am excited to befriend.