What is the Best Ever Conference

BEC is the best conference for commercial real estate operators and investors

It’s got a really interesting vibe too, there are a LOT of suits and big money players which can feel a little stuffy at times. That said most people who attend are fun and down to earth self-made folks who are building real businesses and are easy to talk to

For me, it’s a place that allows a lot of runway to level up

New here?

I’ve been going to conferences for five or six years with my camera. I’m just a regularly attendee who happens to love real estate, people, storytelling, and cameras and I usually produce better photos than whoever the event hires.

The most natural way for me to do this has always been to write my thoughts and share my photos in blog format. Despite social media and video being more popular these days, this is the best way the art that comes out of me and I try to stay true to the art rather than the trends

What I learned this trip

1. Showing up is still the most important thing you

This is my 3rd time going to the Best Ever Conference and it’s hard to describe what happens when you build these relationships over the years. You show people that you’re committed, which is perhaps the most important aspect of how people choose partners, it’s annoying and expensive to get to conferences and this removes any doubt of your resolve. You get to see your friends win and celebrate with them year over year. It also allows you the chance to display your own growth to your peers, people who see you as an investment want to know that their time is well spent on you.

2. There is ZERO shortage of opportunity

It’s hard to be a cynic around optimists. Sure the economy has it’s troubles and the multifamily market is getting crushed right now but at this event were over a thousand real estate investors who were making moves and excited about the future. Anytime life seems hard, change the people you’re around and you’ll find a path forward

3. Embrace being a small fish

I have always hated living in small towns, though I have spent a lot of time in small towns. I’m cool as fuck, like super cool, and in small towns this makes it extremely easy to rise to the top of the social hierarchy. I don’t want to be at the top of the ladder though, I want to climb the ladder, which means going to places where I’m small and at the Best Ever Conference I am definitely a small player. Many of those attendees have billions of dollars worth of real estate and it’s nothing less than inspiring.

I needed this

Long backstory

I was on such a good trajectory going into 2021.

I started learning real estate back in 2014 wanting to buy single family homes, I learned this faster than I could have ever imagined and then bought my first multifamily in 2019 and my second in December 2020.

Then the world changed.

Covid led to inflation which drove up rent prices and drove down interest rates. This heavily reduced the profit margins for C class multifamily apartments like the ones I was focused on. Many operators pivoted to other asset classes with varying success and many operators decided to borrow variable rate debt to maintain the cash flow they had grown accustomed to with the hopes that rates would stay low. This is something I refused to do as I thought it was blatantly obvious the fed had to increase rates which led me to commit the ultimate sin in real estate, I decided to wait.

I spent 2022 making a living with my camera. I went to 5 foreign countries and ~20 U.S. cities creating content for real estate investors and related retreats. Then in 2023 I moved to Maui to create a new video podcast for Brandon Turner which was a wild success.

Which brings us to 2024

I left the island of Maui only 10 days before the Best Ever Conference. I haven’t done much real estate in the last 2 years and I’ve lost most of my momentum, I have no clear path to how I’m going to make money this year, and I’m not exactly sure where I want to point my ambition. This has been a burden to my ego because at 40 years old I assumed I would have “made it” by now. 

It’s also a bit awkward when every single person asks “what do you do?” and not have an answer. It’s humbling, but also motivating. The unknown is a very real risk and obstacle, most people avoid these feelings their whole lives by trading it for a steady w2 so I know I’m on the right track, it’s just not easy. 

Leaving the event however, I feel empowered. Spending 3 days around people who believe in you can have a powerful effect on a person. I now have a full week of follow-up to do with dozens of people whom I’m excited to potentially work with. The narrative I told earlier of lost momentum, and unclear purpose suddenly feels less like being lost and more like my ‘strategic pause’ was a brilliant move that has come to a perfectly timed end and the moment to go forth and conquer the next decade with enthusiasm has arrived.

Or maybe I’m just riding the extrovert super high from 3 days of interacting with thousands of people

Ok enough yammering, let’s look at some pics

Salt Lake City is AWESOME

The best thing about this blog is that desperate narcissists will scour through it looking for pictures of themselves and even if I insult they always allow it because their love for looking at themselves far outweighs their self respect.

In a completely unrelated thought, this is Matt Faircloth

All jokes aside, Matt is a good man, a prudent investor, and a mentor I’ve been thankful to have over the years. Check him out here

This jackass

Ketan and Josh McCallen

Josh is on the right, he runs these incredible destination resorts, one of which we recently partnered on. 

Not only does the guy manage this very large portfolio, he has 10 kids, and if you can’t tell from this photo – he’s FUN

BEC dress attire is mostly suits plus the occasional cow suit 

Mike Brockway is a conference staple.

He’s handsome, successful, and he’s available….so I assume he has a terrible personality that I’m unaware of

EASILY the winner of best outfit at Best Ever Conference

Marisa owns Capbloom, a company that helps syndicators build out marketing and CRM automations to help raise money. I recently hired her myself to build out my new site www.alexandria.capital

If you want to raise money, you need to hire Marisa 

Every time I see J scott I try and get him a new profile picture because the one he has is TERRIBLE and every picture I take he says is also terrible because he just wants to hurt my feelings

I’m sure he will hate this one as well but it’s definitely my best work of him yet

This dude is a fighter jet pilot and had a shitty profile picture, proof that no one is good at everything.

Thankfully, he made friends with me and I fixed that for him

Fun side story 

I’ve been more active on Twitter lately and one of the guys I follow and chat with is Kyle Matthews.

I saw his name on the list of speakers so I grabbed this photo and immediately sent it to him on Twitter where he sent me his phone number back and said let’s connect. We met up and he gave me 30 minutes of his time.

The internet is a magical place where if you ASK FOR HELP people will often give it to you

This is the coolest CPA on earth

She is smart, ambitious, and way more fun than anyone in taxes should be

Amanda Han

Amanda Han invited me to dinner with some friends. It was her, Matt Mcfarland, J scott, and Mauricio Rauld

These are all friends of mine, so no big deal, but in another way it’s a very big deal. 

Like many others I learned real estate in the BiggerPockets community and sort of outgrew it in the last few years as I moved to the commercial real estate space. These folks were the ‘big players’ of that space and now to be hanging out at dinner with them makes me feel like I’m on the right path in my career. Most of this happened through deliberate action on my part, I spend a lot of time reaching out to each of them and trying to be valuable whenever I can (which is RARELY btw). I guess the lesson here is that climbing the social ladder and the economic ladder go hand in hand 

More importantly they have each been exceptionally nice, helpful, inviting, good friends and good mentors to me all for which I am extremely grateful for


That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact, but in this picture Matt does not look boring, he looks COOL

This is 100% attributable to my incredible photography skills

Mauricio Rauld is the syndication lawyer in our industry. If you’re in this business then you know him and if you want to be in this business, you need to call him. 

I didn’t know him 2 years ago but now I feel like I see him once a month in all sorts of different places. 

Life is a wild journey

Amanda Han apparently told the restaurant that it was me and Mauricio’s wedding anniversary…it wasn’t,

but pretending it was during dinner was a pleasant fantasy

Next I stumbled into this off-site sponsored party in the basement of a bar in Salt Lake City and it was quite the aesthetically pleasing dungeon

The always fabulous Leka Devantha

This jackass

I caught Ben Lapidus, the MC and showrunner of the event awkwardly winking at me

To be fair, there really isn’t any way to make winking look cool on camera 

“Hutch” from H squared capital

Another veteran and conference buddy. Side note, did you know that veterans always seem to be able to find each other at these events. I assume it’s because we all speak a very specific and unique language that civilians don’t know about

The Derosa team

J scott blowing me a kiss <3

My roomie!

I met Keith Kulow at this event back in 2020, and although we barely stayed in touch, when I needed a roommate for the conference, he immediately offered.

He’s also a Navy veteran and I generally find it’s easier to get along with other veterans because civilians are all so delicate

Whitney Hutton

Whitney and I have known each other for probably 5 or 6 years now and it’s been fun to watch each other come up in real estate. (She’s much better at it than me)

I think Whitney is great but throughout the whole event she told me at least 3 or 4 times that the last event we saw each other at I brushed her off and didn’t talk to her and she was hurt by this. I don’t remember that at all and it’s not representative of how I feel about Whitney but what this means is that her desire to earn my affection and the pain she feels when it’s not received has been burned deep inside her psyche. I guess we all need to hope I use this power benevolently. 

The man who created this event 8 years ago, Joe Fairless

My good friend and asset manager for the Derosa Group, Justin Fraser

and of course, me 

THANK YOU for reading to the end, I understand these blogs are WAY too long but this is what I create and I can’t help it. 

If you’re one of the few people who read all the way through, I appreciate you 

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