Meet Brittany Campbell, she is human lighting in a bottle.

A local business owner, creative powerhouse, and someone with a seemingly infinite comfort zone. 

Brittany and I met 10 years ago at a bar, we stayed casual acquaintances for most of that time until a few years ago when we both started businesses. Now we are sorta friends.

Her business originally started in her house doing spray tans and expanded into her own beauty salon and store front in downtown Fayetteville called Sunshine, Beauty, and Bliss.

She wasn't posing for this photo, this is just how she behaves.

Being a small business owner takes tenacity.

It’s rarely glamorous and it’s definitely not easy money. The reward for most entrepreneurs is in the accomplishment of the challenge, some just like creating something original, sometimes it’s the manifestation of confidence that a person knows they just can. 

I think Brittney would identify with all three. 

At Brittany's place, you can sit on the furniture.
I don't want to give her too much credit, she's kinda weird too

The store is perfectly suited in our downtown historic district. She has it decorated with fabulous precision: stylish and unique while still being useful. 

There isn’t a stitch of cookie cutter design or corporate imprint here, the aesthetic is a mirror reflection of her as a designer and could never be replicated. 

This sign speaks to me...I may steal it.

The Sunshine squad is more than a beauty business, its’s about people first.

….but Brittany would never say it’s about people, she would say it’s about friends


Create your own sunshine!

These photos happened at the start of Coronavirus social distancing where downtime is abundant and small businesses are trying to create value in creative ways. 

She was open for business and working diligently (in small groups of people). 

Babes support Babes

Despite how much she loves and supports her babes, I think she just likes everyone because I feel right at home whenever I stop by….although to be fair, I’m a total babe myself.  

Underestimate her at your own risk

You can find Brittany at Sunshine Beauty and Bliss in downtown Fayetteville North Carolina. 

Click here to read more of Brittany’s story.

Alex Felice

Alex Felice

My name is Alex, I’m a real estate entrepreneur who became camera obsessed This website shares my journey, from creating financial freedom through real estate, to exploring the wisdom of philosophy, and finding my love of art through cameras. Everything I learn about life goes here so I can hopefully make yours easier

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  1. I don’t know you personally Alex but I can say you know Brittany! No matter when or where I see her her energy is impactful and contagious! You’ve done such an awesome job of spotlighting someone who gives back to both her clients and her community!

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